What makes us different?

Mostly, it’s about you. We are often among the earliest investors in our portfolio companies. We get involved early with our founders and entrepreneurs, helping craft strategy and execution in areas ranging from money (capital structure and operating plan) to product to people. Having started successful businesses ourselves, and operated at some of the largest scale in media and technology, we have an understanding of what it takes to succeed—and what pitfalls to avoid. If and when you make mistakes, we’d like them to be are new mistakes—not ones that could be avoided by sharing of our perspective, knowledge and experience.

We are relentless innovators. We began our careers in an era dominated by newspapers and broadcasters. We are especially interested in helping invent the future of news, data and information. We started the firm because of the endless possibilities in an era of massive computing power, dynamic technologies and ubiquitous broadband networks. We are inspired by this. We use our energy and drive to help you achieve everything you are capable of.

We are unusually committed partners: The three founding general partners met 30 years ago, and have been friends and business colleagues ever since. Our professional journey together traverses the dawn of the commercial and consumer Internet and the start of mobile and includes significant collaboration in creating and growing successful news and information technology products (from WSJ.com to CNN.com to Infoseek to Factiva to Yahoo!).

Today, as coaches, we at NextNews Ventures work closely with you to ensure you build today’s successful businesses. We hope you will ultimately find yourselves lucky enough to be able to do what we do now: Find and nurture the entrepreneurs who will build the products that delight tomorrow’s consumers in as-yet unanticipated ways.

To us, that’s success.